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Coalition Open House in Atlanta

Coalition Plans Presented at Atlanta Meeting

Nearly 30 UPS Store owners attended the first of two Open House meetings scheduled in Atlanta, Georgia to learn about the Independent Coalition of Franchise Owners. Steering Committee member David Grossman was host of the event at his Marietta The UPS Store center the evening of Wednesday, Aug. 25th.

Grossman began the meeting by explaining the need for a nationwide independent association of store owners. He gave several examples of why an association would benefit franchisees.

One example cited was the lack of representation at critical Federal hearings. He noted that at recent hearings in Washington, DC concerning proposed changes to the Postal Service that would negatively impact The UPS Store the independent pack and ship stores’ association the AMPC testified, as well as representatives from competing franchise chains. But The UPS Store was unrepresented.

He also discussed recent changes in The UPS Store’s operations manual, drop off compensation and The UPS Stores’ relationship with UPS, among other concerns.

A lively question and answer session followed Grossman’s presentation.

“I had several questions about the Coalition. That’s why I attended the Open House,” said John Eastburn, owner of Store 0575 in Atlanta. “After hearing the thinking behind the organization and what it can possibly do for us, I’m convinced every store owner should join the Coalition.”

A second Open House is scheduled this coming Wednesday evening, Sept 1st, 7 to 9 p.m. at Cheryl and Bill King’s UPS Store located at 7742 Spalding Drive, Norcross.

Store owners planning to attend next Wednesday’s Open House are asked to RSVP to: store3616@theupsstore.com.

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