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Zen and the Art of Email Marketing

Zen and the Art of Email Marketing.

Follow this link to a very good article on how to construct your email campaigns and still maintain your sanity and sense of humor.

2 Responses

  1. A very clever and simple get-it-started message. Very nice for the typical business owner who wants to get started with email newsletters.

    But you forget, we are TUPSS franchises, so we have to adhere to the email templates recently released on MHC. They are absolutely fantastic…. provided your only goal was to put your customers to sleep. Or test how quickly the Delete key could be pressed.

    • I believe the email guidance says you can modify the templates as you see fit, so long as you comply with the Operations Manual, and the other references listed in the email policy. Most of us are not Marketing Experts or marketing copy writers. The templates provide a safe way to get started with email marketing without struggling to create your own ad copy. Start small. Build your mailing list, provide good offers in your emails. Above all, comply with the law and manage your opt outs in a disciplined manner. Ask the Marketing Department to create a professional looking email header and footer for your campaigns and get started. All of our competitors are using email marketing. We should all be doing it, too. Use common sense and good judgment, but don’t wait to get started.

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