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CRM Software, Customer Relationship Management – Zoho CRM

CRM Software, Customer Relationship Management – Zoho CRM. Several franchisees have asked about CRM software that could be used by a The UPS Store franchisee to manage customer acquisition and retention. ZOHO CRM might be the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s FREE for up to three users, and has just undergone an interface facelift that’s getting good reviews. Check it out if you have an interest. Even the paid version starts at $12 a month.

Wide Format Printing & Laminating Supplies – Excellent Service

If you’re a wide format printer and you haven’t checked out www.lexjet.com as potential supplier, we recommend that you do.  LexJet has extended some excellent discounts to UPS Store franchisees.  You need to set up a user account on their web site to see the discounted pricing.  Once your account has been established, and you log in to your account, you can see  the discounted pricing when you add an item to your shopping cart.  If you don’t wish to buy the item, simply delete it from your Cart.

You can also call LexJet and talk with one of the team members set up to assist The UPS Stores.  ICFO board members have found the service and pricing from LexJet to be outstanding.  Call  (941) 330-1220 or (800-453-9358 to talk with a representative.  Tell them you were referred by the ICFO and they will get you directly to one of  The UPS Store support team members.

Orders placed at www.lexjet.com ship for a flat rate of $9.95 which reduces your printing expenses even more.

FedEx Update: Score one for social networking – ProfessorBainbridge.com

FedEx Update: Score one for social networking – ProfessorBainbridge.com.

It’s been said that “Twitter complaints should really be viewed by a company as (no pun intended) the canary in the customer service mine. Every Twitter complaint represents a service failure at some customer touchpoint. It is there where a company should really be investing its time.”