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CRM Software, Customer Relationship Management – Zoho CRM

CRM Software, Customer Relationship Management – Zoho CRM. Several franchisees have asked about CRM software that could be used by a The UPS Store franchisee to manage customer acquisition and retention. ZOHO CRM might be the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s FREE for up to three users, and has just undergone an interface facelift that’s getting good reviews. Check it out if you have an interest. Even the paid version starts at $12 a month.

3 Ways to Look at Marketing

3 Ways to Look at Marketing.

Even though effective marketing is as fundamental to our businesses as the quality of the product or service that we provide, we small business owners have a tendency to put marketing on the back burner. This article contains 3 ways to look at marketing to help you shift our mindset about Local Store Marketing.  Courtesy of the IFA.

Email Marketing – How to target your printing customers

If you’re currently doing email marketing to your CMS customer database (and you should be according to this article http://www.email-marketing-reports.com/basics/why.htm), here’s a tip on how to potentially increase your mailing list, and more importantly, how to send much more targeted emails to your printing customers.  Every time a customer sends you a print job by email, capture that email address into an a spreadsheet or list of some sort.  Then send that customer a very targeted “thank you” email which extends an offer on one of your print services offerings: binding, laminating, large format, or prepaid copies.

If you are already using an email service like Constant Contact, Vertical Response, or Emma.com, add each new print customer’s email address to a separate list just for marketing your print services.  You can create one email template that you use many times by sending it to each new print job customer.  You can also send specifically targeted emails to your Print Services email list in the future, with special offers just for them.

If you’re not using an email service, you can do some fairly professional looking emails directly from Outlook by using text boxes or one of the stationery options in Outlook.  There are “add-on” software packages that can be used with Outlook, but you may still find this sort of solution is best for individuals emails or small mailing lists.   Using a professional email service insures proper management of opt out requests when they occur.  If you use Outlook, you will need to make sure you add the language about whey they are receiving the email from your store, and you must carefully track and manage any opt out requests manually.   Email marketing can be very affective if it’s done in a professional manner and in compliance with the laws that regulate email marketing efforts.

If you are uncomfortable doing email marketing, market to those customers the old fashioned way… order (or print) some thank you cards or postcards, and mail one to everyone who sends you a print job via email.   Include a Team Work Certificate book or a special offer you print in your store.   But remember to capture those email addresses whether you plan to use them now or not.  The day will likely come when you will want to try email marketing.  When it does, you’ll already have a leg up on creating a large customer database.

Zen and the Art of Email Marketing

Zen and the Art of Email Marketing.

Follow this link to a very good article on how to construct your email campaigns and still maintain your sanity and sense of humor.