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10 Tips on Using Facebook to Boost Business

10 Tips on Using Facebook to Boost Business.

Want to pick up some good ideas on how to make the most popular social media platform work for your business.  Check this article out.

The ROI of Social Media

Here are 10 interesting case studies about the ROI of Social Media. Are you using Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, 4Square or other social media sites?
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3 Ways to Look at Marketing

3 Ways to Look at Marketing.

Even though effective marketing is as fundamental to our businesses as the quality of the product or service that we provide, we small business owners have a tendency to put marketing on the back burner. This article contains 3 ways to look at marketing to help you shift our mindset about Local Store Marketing.  Courtesy of the IFA.

4 Reasons Your Brand Should Avoid Facebook

4 Reasons Your Brand Should Avoid Facebook.

Caught up in the rush to be on facebook, twitter, etc.?  This article provides some clear guidance to help you decide if you should invest the time in social media, and how you might want to get started if you determine social media will be beneficial to your franchise.

FedEx Update: Score one for social networking – ProfessorBainbridge.com

FedEx Update: Score one for social networking – ProfessorBainbridge.com.

It’s been said that “Twitter complaints should really be viewed by a company as (no pun intended) the canary in the customer service mine. Every Twitter complaint represents a service failure at some customer touchpoint. It is there where a company should really be investing its time.”